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– Revolutionary High-Purity HGH Cutting-Edge Health Technology: Neofin takes pride in offering one of the purest and most effective human growth hormones (HGH) on the market. Utilizing advanced Mammalian Cells technology, our product ensures the highest level of HGH purity, delivering optimal effectiveness and safety.

– Advanced Technology for Optimal Health: Neofin proudly introduces one of the most pure and effective human growth hormones (HGH) available on the market. Leveraging innovative Mammalian Cells technology for HGH production, we ensure an unparalleled degree of purity, which translates into efficacy and safety for our product.

– Compliance with European Standards: Neofin rigorously adheres to the standards of the 8th European Pharmacopoeia, setting a benchmark in the industry for quality and reliability. This ensures our customers receive a product that meets the highest international standards.

– Distinctive Advantage: What sets Neofin apart from many competitors is our high level of protein structure similarity to native human growth hormone. This unique feature enhances effectiveness and reduces potential side effects, offering a superior choice for those in search of reliable and safe HGH.

– Target Audience: Neofin is designed for individuals looking to improve their physical well-being, seeking the benefits of a top-tier HGH product backed by scientific advancement in pharmaceuticals.

– Neofin’s Promise: Our commitment is to provide products of the highest quality to help our clients achieve their health and wellness goals. Choosing Neofin means opting for reliability, innovation, and a deep commitment to health and well-being.

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HGH MGT Neofin Aqua 102 IU

$ 135
  • Liquid form, 2 vials, 5 ml each, 1 kit contains 34mg of HGH (102 IU)
  • Degree of purification:
  • RP-HPLC (EP 8.0)> 98%
  • SEC-HPLC (EP 8.0)> 99%
  • Endotoxin level: <4 iu / mg

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